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A band with a long and convoluted history, Fleetwood Mac was originally conceived as a heavy blues outfit in the tradition of John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers.

Fleetwood Mac-Family Man (Extended Vocal Remix) [Remastered] - Videos, Songs, Discography, Lyrics

In Buckingham the band acquired a prodigious guitar talent and a gifted lyricist whose occasionally daffy sensibilities nicely complemented the tender intimacies of Nicks and McVie. Though incestuous liaisons within the group threatened to tear it apart, these also sparked some of the band's greatest material. Witness Rumours, to this day one of the top ten best selling albums of all time. From the giddy, self-deprecating "Second Hand News" to the achingly beautiful "Gold Dust Woman," the album is painfully intimate -- and that's precisely what gives it power.

Though a pair of mediocre releases in the '90s threatened to end the band's career with a whimper, The Dance restored Buckingham and Nicks to the fold and dusted the cobwebs off Fleetwood Mac's rich legacy. Watched Artists por Macondox. Collections mp3 HDD por deepinsoul. Artists for the Future por Milesbeet-hoven1.

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Seen live! Favorite Artists por Lethrus. Fleetwood Mac , as such, are augmented by keyboardist Ricky Peterson, guitarist Neale Heywood, percussionist Taku Hirano and backing vocalists Marilyn Martin and Sharon Celani, though everyone is working up a storm onstage.


Fleetwood Mac’s 50 Greatest Songs

Second Hand News finds Finn on lead vocal, turning slightly sideways to face Nicks as they sing, similar to the time-honoured manner she did with Buckingham. The song becomes an extended blues jam, all personnel shining, all giving each other perfect space. The contrast continues with Rhiannon immediately bringing the crowd to its feet.

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The Crowded House staple is delivered with expected tender gusto from Finn, but as Nicks takes the lead on the final verse it steps into a previously unexpected dimension. Tonight it returns, a compelling soft-rocker that allows each member to shine. One wonders what he makes of it all, playing this irresistibly giddy love song every night on tour.

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Not content with just that epoch-defining keyboard hook in the following instrumental section, Lindsey decides to add a response hook on his guitar. The opening sixty eight seconds of this song is, without any question, better than the entire recorded output of Bob Dylan.

It is a joke how good this song is. And it was the fourth single from the album. The lyrics are a bit rubbish, but who cares when you can holler along to the singalong-ready chorus. Throughout, Mick and John lay down the groove.

Effectively another Lindsey solo track, again this showcases just what a genius of a performer and producer he is. A mystical verse, all soft and processed vocals, with synth-harps and soft percussion giving way to a big, angry chorus where Mick and John lay down the groove.

However, he still has the restraint as producer to limit it so the song still clocks in at a respectable Naturally, there is again no cocking about, opening up literally immediately with an utterly gorgeous, haunting chorus.

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Extra marks for the cracking conga work all the way through the song, which plays on top of Mick and John laying down the groove. Fine, fine, here you go. Which, of course, is utterly brilliant.